You have done great job until now: got a better understanding about your values and vision, defined your SMART goal, did your guided investigation, wrote your CV and Cover Letter. Now it is time to prepare for the job interviews you will be invited as a result of the job application process.


The objective of this activity is to provide you some useful tips what you should do before and during the job interview.

Step 1: Prepare yourself for the job interview

Tip 1: Be ready with answers to some of the questions you will be asked on a job interview.

At a job interview, people who are going to do it with you will ask some questions to find out information which is relevant for them. The main point for you is to stay authentic in the way you answer. Preparing ahead with some answers or thinking about possible answers is an important strategy not to get nervous and behave competently during the interview.

Here are some of the most common questions used in a job interview and some hints for your answers:

1. Why did you apply for this job in our company? Hint: Clarify to them your qualifications and your motivation to work in their company.

2. What do you know about us? Hint: Explain why are you really interested, do some preliminary research online about the organization, the people working there, their main activities.

3. What kind of qualifications do you have for this job? Hint: Explain your professional knowledge and make yourself a positive self-appraisal.

4. Where do you see yourself in 3/5 years? Hint: With no need for overpromise, try to show willingness to commit yourself to the company for a longer period of time.

5. Describe yourself. Tell us something about you. Hint: Talk about your values, professional goals, speak confidently about your achievements so far.

6. Share with us a challenging situation/problem you have faced and how you solved it? Hint: They want to check your problem-solving capability. Prepare with a difficult situation you found a solution for.

7. How do you react when you are criticized? Hint: Think how do you cope with criticism: is it helping you to improve and learn? How often are you ready to admit mistakes?

8. Questions about the information in your CV – your education, professional experience. Hint: Just provide more details about the information you have written in you CV. Underline the results: what you have learned in school and/or your previous jobs.

9. Why did you give up your last job? Hint: Do not speak badly about your previous bosses or colleagues. If there was some unfairness – you can share it without blaming people, but speaking realistically how it could be done better.

10. Why did you change your job so often? Or Why are you not working presently? Hint: Explain your present situation and stay positive: you are looking for the opportunity that can help you grow and give you an opportunity to contribute.

Tip 2: The night before the interview rest well, sleep at least 7-8 hours and start your new day refreshed and open for new opportunities.

Tip 3: In order to avoid the worry and panic and to calm down before the interview, we offer you a breathing technique used by US Navy Seals to prepare before a mission. It is called “Box Breathing” and here are the instructions how to do it:

  • sit in a chair in a straight but yet relaxed back posture, place both feet on the floor;
  • exhale once through the mouth, emptying your lungs completely;
  • inhale slowly through the nose, filling your entire lungs, counting to 4;
  • hold your breath, counting to 4;
  • exhale, counting to 4;
  • hold your breath, counting to 4;
  • this is where the next cycle begins. Try to do 10 cycles.

Tip 4: Dress yourself comfortably in an outfit that makes you feel confident. Do not try to wear some stuff that is making you feel weird no matter what advice you can find online.

Step 2: At the interview

Tip 1: Behave friendly and try to smile from time to time. Look in the eyes the people you speak to.

Tip 2: Know that the way they ask you questions you can ask them questions too. Feel free to ask about their expectations, procedures, etc. At the end of the conversation, if not clear by then, you can ask by when you should expect the result from them.

Tip 3: Focus on the conversation, not on the voice in your head, which might try to criticize you. Whatever thought might come to you, i.e. “They do not like me”, accept it as a thought, not a reality and do not allow it to undermine your confidence and self-esteem. You cannot guess or know what is happening exactly in the heads of other people.

Step 3: After the interview

Whatever happens, do not blame yourself what you have done wrong. Think of what would you say to your best friend if she/he is in the same situation like you. And say it to yourself with love and kindness. Remember the words of famous Scarlet O’Hara, the main character of the bestseller “Gone with the wind”: “After all, tomorrow is another day!”

Now you are ready, go for it! We are wishing you GOOD LUCK!

I feel that being friendly, present and engaged during a job interview is important.

The activity enhanced my ability to successfully present myself and my abilities/strengths in a job interview.