The idea is to design a simple and easy steps to move forwards and make progress with one’s re-entering of the job market. We are using activities to engage effectively with the women and keep their motivation to use the platform.

Module 1: My Potential

Content: Self-Confidence and empowerment. Boost your own self-confidence and get empowered!

Module 2: My Dreams and Vision

Content: Knowing yourself – What is your vision? – Take the first step

Module 3: My Opportunities

Content: Recognizing their own needs. Resources and challenges. Activity 1 is based on work with symbols. In Activity 2, you get to explore your own needs and resources to re-enter the labour market, Activity 3 revolves around how to prepare your CV and write your cover letter.

Module 4: My Actions

Content: Getting active and making decisions. Activity 1 will set the stage for success. In Activity 2, you will develop an action plan and make decisions. Activity 3 revolves around general information and specific challenges of job interviews.

Module 5: My Network

Content: This Module is about how to find support from the people we know, from the social networks, from networks of mothers for childcare and others.