You want to re-enter the labour market, what might help you to do so? Join us on this journey on potentials, visions, opportunities and developing actions and networks to get closer to your goal. Finalizing this process might help you to find new solutions as the activities should help you to get aware of potentials you might not have thought before and to plan your respective first steps to move forward in your employment.

Module 1: My Potential

Content: Self-Confidence and empowerment. Boost your own self-confidence and get empowered!

Module 2: My Dreams and Vision

Content: Knowing yourself – What is your vision? – Take the first step

Module 3: My Opportunities

Content: Recognizing their own needs. Resources and challenges. Activity 1 is based on work with symbols. In Activity 2, you get to explore your own needs and resources to re-enter the labour market, Activity 3 revolves around how to prepare your CV and write your cover letter.

Module 4: My Actions

Content: Getting active and making decisions. Activity 1 will set the stage for success. In Activity 2, you will develop an action plan and make decisions. Activity 3 revolves around general information and specific challenges of job interviews.

Module 5: My Network

Content: This Module is about how to find support from the people we know, from the social networks, from networks of mothers for childcare and others.