As women, we are really good in applauding and appreciating the achievements of others and underestimating our own. Furthermore, when we mess up, our confidence is depleted and we tend to make generalizations like: “I can never make this”; “That’s me – total failure”, etc.

At difficult moments in your life, you should reflect on the achievements so far and use it as anchor for your self-esteem and confidence.


The activity aims to help you create a list of 5 achievements you have so far. Once you do it, you should also create your “media story” for each one of these achievements which presents you like a wonder woman that has done a great thing, which deserves to be published in a magazine article.

Step 1

Choose a moment of your life that you have done something really good. It might be related to daily life:

  • I have learned how to manage the family budget.
  • I have noticed my child’s talent to dance and found a suitable dance class for him/her
  • I have managed to repair a broken pipe in the bathroom

Or to your educational/professional life:

  • I managed to master Microsoft Office
  • I achieved the certificate for my professional training

Or it can refer to your hobbies and other talents:

  • I managed to finalise a paining for my room
  • I learned how to grow tomatoes on my balcony
Step 2 – The details of your story

Think of the obstacles you have faced in your story. How did you overcome them? Did you use your intelligence, zest, creativity, knowledge? How did you feel at the end? Is this achievement something that you often tell stories about or you just keep it for yourself?

Step 3

Now imagine that a person, who really loves and appreciates you (your relative or best friend) is a journalist in a famous magazine. You share with her your story and she is amazed. She decides to write an article in the magazine for you. Being a journalist, your friend is a good story teller. That is why she writes about your story, the obstacles you faced and how you have overcome them in a very powerful and passionate way. Your journalist friend presents you in her article as a Wonder Woman who has done a miraculous achievement. She has even exaggerated your story by 20-30%. Just imagine this article and how it would sound and write it here.

Once ready, compare it with what you have written in Step 1 and 2.

If the text in Step 3 is similar to the notes you have done in Step 1 and 2 – you should try harder and rewrite the Step 3 text. Present yourself really awesome, even if it is hard to believe that it can be true.

Step 4

Create your list of at least 5 achievements you have done so far in your life and write down why you are so proud of them, using the style of the article from the Step 3.

If you do not find it easy to create a Wonder Woman magazine article for each one of your achievements, just imagine a person who really loves you and is very proud of you – what words would they use while expressing how proud they are with each one of your achievements?

In this activity I realized how obstacles helped me to enhance my personal development.

I have recognized my achievements and how to be proud of them.