Self-confidence is about how much a person believes he or she can be successful in a specific situation. It is an attitude towards ourselves, which helps us improve and achieve our goals. It is especially needed when we face challenging situations, because it gives us the confidence to try and persist in overcoming the difficulties. Confident people aim higher and achieve more. Other people evaluate us very much on the basis of the self-confidence we demonstrate. That is why it is an important characteristic that we should work on developing in ourselves and it will help us on the way to finding our place in life and in the job also.


The activity aims to support women in finding different aspects of their personality, achievements, competences and s.o., which make them more self-confident.

Step 1

Having in mind the previous two activities, make a list of as many as possible of

  • your achievements, especially those which you thought you will never be able to do
  • personal qualities, which you are proud of
  • acquired knowledge and skills
  • features

Write these randomly as they come to your mind.

Step 2 – Confidence map

Now organize what you have written in your confidence map, putting what you have written above in categories or groups.

Step 3

Now think of:

  • Other ideas that you can add to the categories, which you have identified
  • Other categories that you can add to your mind-map

Print out the mind-map and have it handy around you, to remind you how many things you have that give you confidence. Every time you think of something that you can add to your Confidence Map, don’t hesitate, add it immediately.

In this activity was able to identify skills and personal qualities.

I recognize/understand how confident I feel with my identified competences, skills and knowledge.