Re-joining the labour market is not only a question of profession and opportunities. It is also an issue of planification and preparation. Unfortunately, due to ongoing gender expectations, it is especially more complicated for women, men often even do not quit from their job, and if not for a longer time.


This activity shall help you to visualize all areas affected by your decision in order to identify challenges you might face at an early stage. Being aware of such “fields of needed action” help you to reflect on them and possible solutions in order to overcome them and follow your goals.

A part from the template “Me and My Goal” you will either need a pen to write down your ideas or it might also help you to draw pictures or icons there, which symbolize your thoughts. It is also possible to choose small symbols to visualize your thoughts. The important thing is, that whatever you put or write their, gives you a clear idea about your situation at this point.

Step 1

Start with the field in the middle of the template: Try to formulate your goal as precise as possible at this stage; If you realize that you have to re-adapt of define your goal during the activity, do so, but always to so as precise as possible.

Step 2

Continue with the fields in the circle around the goal. You can start with whichever field you like that catches your attention. There can be a lot of input or there can be nothing, depending on your personal situation in this field.

Step 3

Whilst Step 1 and step 2 can be done alone, for Step 3 it is good to invite a person of your confidence to do the following steps with you. Try to find a quiet corner or a space without disturbances, so that you and this person can exchange without interruptions or limitations. If you have found this place, try to explain this person your goal and all the input you placed in the different fields. The task of the person is just to listen to you and to try to understand all the issues you are presenting.

Step 4

Try to identify together, which areas are fine and which might be challenging and might need a solution.

Step 5

In a “Brainstorming Process” try to identify possible solution scenarios together, to target the challenges. Write down these possible solutions in the lines foreseen outside of the circles, so that they cannot be forgotten and you may reflect on them at a later point. Take into account that you are making no decision at this point; it is just a collection of possible solutions without valuing them. If there is time you can even think about pros and cons. If you want to collect more ideas you can repeat Step 3 to 5 with more friends.

Step 6

This step is, again, an individual activity. It should be done after a time of reflection. Sleeping several nights over it or even after having collected additional needed information. Think about all the input you got and consider the most suitable solution for you. Define an action plan on how to proceed to reach your goal. Template to be attached.

This activity helped me to understand how my goals relate to my personal situation at present.

To present my goals and my situation with a person of confidence, helped me to get a clearer idea.