Now that you have your goal regarding your job or career, and you have already thought about how the different circumstances about you and your life relate to it (Activity 1 from Module 3), it is time to research the job market, your resources, your needs and the existing upskilling opportunities.


Based on the opportunities that the job market offers and the requirements for your chosen job/career path, this activity aims to help you define your resources and your needs, related to fulfilling your goal. It will also guide you towards researching possible upskilling opportunities.

STEP 1: Prepare

Write down once again what your target job is.
For example: I want to be a Taxi driver.

What do I think are the requirements for this job?

  • qualifications
  • experiences
  • personal characteristics

Now think about key words that you can use, when researching the job announcements. You will need these when you start working with the job-search web engines.

  • Key words related to the job title and profession.

Here you write any words and expressions, that you can think of, related to the job title (how your job will be called) and profession (what profession might be needed for this job) For example: driver, taxi driver

  • Activity area.

Here you write in which area of activity your job might be. Most of the job search engines allow for users to limit their search on the basis of activity area. This will help you save time by looking through a smaller number of job announcements. For example: services, transport

As a result of my preparation for finding my desired job I have written...

I have identified the activity areas to which my desired job belongs to.