Today, the 22nd  February we celebrate the Equal Pay Day, an initiative that aims to raise awareness in Spanish society about the wage gap between men and women for doing the same work or work of equal value.

In the latest INE (National Institute for Statistics) report for 2019, the most common annual salary for women was 13,514.8 euros and represented 73.0% of the most common salary for men, which stood at 18,506.8 euros.

At European level, the European Commission presented a report on 10 November 2021 in which it confirmed that on average European women earn 14.1% less than men. In other words, for every euro a man earns, a woman receives 0.86 euros.

Across the continent, Luxembourg has the smallest pay gap, at around 1.3%, while Estonia has one of the highest percentages, at 21.7%.


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