Every woman who returns to work has to face the task of reconciling work and private life. Polish legislation protects not only pregnant women in a special way, but also employees who have children. What can mothers returning to work after maternity leave count on?

  1. A pregnant employee is under special protection. She cannot work overtime and work at night. An employee looking after a child under the age of 4 may not work overtime or at night. The employer’s limitations also apply to the fact that he cannot delegate the employee outside the permanent place of work.
  2. The employer should provide the woman with a position equivalent to the one she held before going on maternity leave. If this is not possible, she should be able to perform work that corresponds to her professional qualifications.
  3. A woman returning to the workplace may apply for a reduction in the working time. However, this only applies to 12 months.
  4. The employer must provide two 30-minute breaks for breastfeeding.

All these facilities are to help a working mother reconcile professional life with private life and, above all, with raising a child.



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