my challenge

My name is Rositza and I live in a small town in Northern Bulgaria. I obtained my professional degree in Academy of Economics – Svishtov, one of the most famous Economy Universities in my country. Most of my working life I spent in the Accounting Department of a private trading company based in my home city. Unfortunately, 5 years ago my old mother, who became critically ill so she needed companion services. I tried to find external help with no success, so I was forced to leave my job and start taking daily care for my mother. According to our legislation, I was receiving monthly financial support as a companion of a person with permanent disabilities for the two-year period I was doing so. When my mother died, I was back on the labour market, but unfortunately my previous employer had closed the company, so I started looking actively on the job market. In a small city like mine, there were not that many job opportunities for a 50+ old woman, who was not employed for the last two years. So, I had to expand my search area beyond my economy and business background.

After a job search that lasted more than a year, I received a proposal from the Labour office to become a Bulgarian Railways ticket seller in а neighboring town. Initially I didn’t like the opportunity because it did not match my education level and expertise. However, I have decided to give it a try because I love to serve people and to communicate with different people and I desperately needed a job at that moment. After couple of months of work as a ticket seller in the neighboring town, a vacancy was opened in my home town, so I was transferred and now I do not spend time to travel to my workplace, and I feel more content.

my main challenges

• Married with one child
• Caretaker of a family member – her mother who was a handicap;
• Change of the occupation

My path

When I started to look for a new job, there was no choice for me. I decided not to give up and to expand the area of my search by telling the experts at the Labor Office that I would accept any job that allows me to communicate with many people because it is important to me. When I was offered such a job, but for a person with a lower qualification, and in a neighboring town, I was initially not happy. But then I decided I had nothing to lose and at least I had to try. This flexibility really helped me. It turned out that I like my job, but the commuting to work take me too much time and exhausts me. I was hesitant to tell my manager that I would prefer to work at the train station in my city, but I decided to do it anyway. And it really happened – a few months later – I was transferred and now I work in my town.


My monthly income makes me feel more confident and secure. I have learnt that we should avoid placing some limitations to ourselves and be able to stretch. I am also very proud that I have decided to speak up and share with my manager that I would prefer to work in the station in my town. Initially I was afraid that he might not like it, but not only did he not do it, but he helped me.