Every woman who returns to work has to face the task of reconciling work and private life. Polish legislation protects not only pregnant women in a special way, but also employees who have children. What can mothers returning […]
The situation of women with disabilities in the labour market is extremely complicated. Difficulties in reconciling professional duties with household duties, stereotypes about disability, barriers inherent in the surrounding environment and still functioning stereotypes related to the employment […]
We are starting piloting the online training! With the RE-START project, partners from Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Iceland, Bulgaria and Poland aim to develop a very helpful online tool to support women – after staying at home – to […]
ACT on Equal Treatment irrespective of Race and National Origins No. 86/2018 came into effect September 1st, 2018. The Act focuses on equal treatment of individuals in every aspect of society, outside of the workplace. In the legislative […]
Women in Iceland have gone on a strike six times to protest gender inequality and the gender pay gap. On October 24th, 1975, 90% of women in Iceland left work, to demonstrate the importance of women‘s contribution to society. […]
In Iceland, all companies with 25 or more employees must submit a gender equality plan to the Gender Equality Agency, in addition to publishing it on their websites and presenting it to employees, see information at the Gender […]
Our brains work quite selectively, unfortunately giving much more importance to the negative than to the positive feedback we receive on a daily basis. This has a big impact on our self-confidence. That’s why we challenge you: start […]
Gender pay gap and gender pension gap are observed in most European countries (EU averages: gender pay gap – 15%, gender pension gap – 30%). According to the results of a survey carried out in 6 countries (Bulgaria, […]
Women in the EU earn on average almost 15% less per hour than men. There are large differences between member countries: the highest gender pay gap is in Estonia (23%), while the EU country with the lowest gender […]
Reconciling work and family life: what are the conditions in Spain? Currently, maternity leave in Spain is 16 weeks (four months) and paternity leave is 15 days (2 weeks). “Protection during pregnancy and breastfeeding is justified for health […]