Our brains work quite selectively, unfortunately giving much more importance to the negative than to the positive feedback we receive on a daily basis. This has a big impact on our self-confidence.

That’s why we challenge you: start creating “THE TREASURE BOX OF YOUR SELF-CONFIDENCE”. It can be a real box/notebook in which to collect or record notes/comments, it can be a file on your computer. It must be the place where you will diligently record all the good things about yourself for a while – successes; goals achieved; compliments and praise you receive; also situations where others tell you, “That won’t work!” but you do it anyway and it works!!!; stories about people who help you or do something good but unexpected for you; and all the other positive little things.

why bother and make yourself a TREASURE BOX? because it will help you gather information that can be your solid foundation for positive thoughts and emotions from here on out. I.e. when you have a bad day, you have made a mistake, or someone has hurt you – you will have your TREASURE BOX at hand to remind you of how valuable you really are and how that is based on real facts and events. You’ll be able to calmly say to yourself in that difficult moment, “I AM VALUABLE BECAUSE…I did this and that, so now I can easily do it again.”

Start filling your TREASURE BOX today.


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